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The Most Powerful
AI Assistant

Automate your complex work with natural language instructions

Free forever for core features

Unrivaled no-code builder

Trusted by professionals at

Meet Your Real-Time Web Researcher

ModularMind will browse multiple web pages simultaneously to extract relevant content and links for you, automatically.

Connect AI Models
in Seconds

Build AI-powered workflows
without writing a single line of code

Build Your AI Hub

Build Your
AI Hub

Save your prompts and import your data from local and online sources

Kickstart Your AI Strategy

Kickstart Your
AI Strategy

Dive into our ready-to-use templates
to automate your work instantly

AI assistants powered by ModularMind can..

Search on the web

to find the answers you are looking for

Analyze web pages

and extract the content and links automatically

Understand documents

like PDFs, text files and images


your complex tasks with ease

Thousands of professionals enjoy the magic of
AI-powered assistants

Sofia R. 5 star rating

Sofia R.

As a content creator, ModularMind has streamlined my workflow like never before. It's like having a personal assistant who never tires!

Mei L. 5 star rating

Mei L.

As a web developer, I'm impressed by how ModularMind lets me integrate various AI models to optimize my code writing process. Truly innovative!

Aarav K. 5 star rating

Aarav K.

The ability to chain prompts has revolutionized how I approach complex research tasks. It's a game-changer for academics.

Fatma Z. 5 star rating

Fatma Z.

ModularMind has turned me into a productivity powerhouse. I can easily switch between writing sales copy on Google Docs and analyzing data on Sheets.

Michael D. 5 star rating

Michael D.

I was able to organize a massive content schedule for my marketing campaigns on LinkedIn thanks to ModularMind's prompt stacking. Incredible time-saver!

Carlos E. 5 star rating

Carlos E.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for ways to do more in less time. ModularMind's chains feature helps me automate repetitive tasks effortlessly.

Join ModularMind now to elevate your productivity workflow.
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