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Discover the power of automated intelligence

ModularMind's advanced features empower the AI assistants you create
to accomplish intricate tasks and automate complex workflows.

AI assistants powered by ModularMind can..

Schedule tasks

to automatically take action at the right time

Keep you informed

with intelligent notifications to let you know about results

Adapt to surprises

by automatically handling logic like stopping on a condition

Automatically take action at the right time

Your AI assistants can schedule and execute tasks based on your specific criteria and timelines. Whether it’s sending reports, updating databases, or starting complex workflows, they ensure everything happens exactly when it should.

Stay in control even when you are not around

Stay updated effortlessly with real-time notifications. Your AI assistants will keep you informed of any important updates, results, or changes you want to closely monitor.

Work with assistants you can trust

Your AI assistants are designed to be flexible and responsive. They can dynamically adapt to changing conditions and make decisions based on your instructions. If a particular condition is met or an unexpected event occurs, your assistants will know how to handle it, ensuring seamless operation without constant oversight.

Empower your business with automated intelligence

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