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Discover what AI assistants can do for you

ModularMind's advanced features empower the AI assistants you create
to accomplish intricate tasks and automate complex workflows.

AI assistants powered by ModularMind can..

Search on the web

to find the answers you are looking for

Analyze web pages

and extract the content and links automatically

Understand documents

like PDFs, text files and images


your complex tasks with ease

Find detailed answers from the web automatically

Your AI assistants will search the web for relevant information to answer your questions in depth. They intelligently analyze web pages to locate and extract the key details you need.

Integrate your assistant
with the entire web

With MindPass you can log into any page on the web, and your assistant will access your data whenever you need.

Automate complex workflows at the push of a button

AI assistants you create will handle complicated, multi-step tasks for you. Define the workflow once, and your assistant can execute it whenever you want, automatically.

See what AI assistants can
do for your business

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